Cybersecurity: How do I protect my company from digital attacks?

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Arber Bullakaj

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In the context of growing digitalization, the topic of cybersecurity or cyber safety is increasingly important. Companies are particularly threatened by digital attacks and face great challenges here. "Around 88% of Swiss companies surveyed in the study were targeted by cyber-attacks last year" (Schellinger 2020:84).

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Cybercriminals primarily target sensitive data in order to ultimately disrupt operations. It is crucial to determine the best approach to ward off such digital attacks. In this blog, we discuss some proven strategies and practices that can help you effectively protect your company from cyber-attacks.

The constantly evolving nature of cyber threats requires continuous adaptation and improvement of security measures. By considering the following security aspects and adhering to best practices, companies can lay a solid foundation for a robust cybersecurity strategy.

Employee Security Awareness

A strong security awareness among employees is the first line of defence against cyber threats. Your company could offer training that educates employees about phishing, social engineering, secure password management, and how to handle suspicious emails or links. This helps to minimize the likelihood of attacks.

Regular Updates and Patch Management

Software updates not only fix bugs but also close security gaps. Thorough patch management is important to keep all software components up to date. A vulnerability in a system can be exploited by attackers to gain access to sensitive data.

Strong Authentication (MFA)

The use of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in a business environment means that users need more than just a password to log in. This can be achieved by combining passwords with biometric data, tokens, or mobile apps. MFA significantly reduces the risk of password theft or unauthorized access.

Firewalls and Network Segmentation

Firewalls are like digital barriers that control the data traffic between internal networks and the internet. They filter unwanted traffic and protect against attacks. Network segmentation means dividing the network into isolated sections. This prevents an attacker from immediately accessing your entire company network in case of a successful cyber-attack.

Backup and Recovery

Regular backups are crucial to be able to restore data integrity in the event of a cyber-attack, ransomware infection, or data loss. The backups should be stored both locally and externally to ensure they are not affected by the same threats.

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In summary, ensuring cybersecurity in companies presents a multi-layered challenge. There are a multitude of methods and strategies to protect against cyber threats. However, the five points discussed in this post make up a significant part of a comprehensive digital security strategy.

In implementing cybersecurity, it is crucial that companies always stay up to date with security standards. Here at Dinnova AG, we place great emphasis on developing our apps and websites according to the highest security standard. Our experts are continuously striving to integrate the latest technologies and proven security practices to ensure the digital safety of our customers.


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