About Dinnova

A team of experts with a common goal: Digital Innovation.

The Dinnova philosophy

Digital strategies are our guiding principles, which we fulfil according to content. Various aspects are taken in consideration. Today, there is no company that can manage without digital tools when it comes to marketing. Whether it is the social media channel, the digital time recording of employees or the implementation of e-commerce sites with thematically appropriate blog posts. What used to be called advertising has developed into an innovative digital strategy. 

Go for that special treat! On Dinnova

We rely on the latest technologies and accompany companies on their leap into the digital world. Our team is well-equipped for this purpose, both professionally and in terms of marketing. We not only bring the technical know-how, but also years of experience in implementing the desired strategies.

Creativity and digital strategies at the same time

What use is the best technology if there is no experience behind it? One of our most important points is the user experience. Because dynamism leads to growth and higher turnover. That's why we start our work with an initial, non-binding conversation. Let's find out together where you want to grow. We develop custom-fit strategies for your company. 

What we believe in

We firmly believe that the world is changing faster than ever and that digital technologies are creating new business models and revolutionizing the customer experience across all industries. That's why we are committed to a modern workplace culture that enables our employees to work independently of location and achieve a work-life balance, thanks to the home office option. We have firmly integrated modern technologies into our concept in order to develop innovative digital products, services and processes to promote business growth.

Our goal is to ensure that your implementation of digital initiatives is successful and that you are not among the more than 70 percent of digital initiatives that fail or do not deliver the expected payback.

Let's grow together!

Innovative digital products, services and processes influence the market. They have a significant impact on the value of existing businesses and offerings.

Today, digital technologies not only support organisational and structural forms, they also act as a strategic competence with the clear goal of corporate growth. We have placed technology and goal as a solid duo in our concept.s

At the same time, and to be fair, there is a high risk associated with digital innovation. After all, more than 70 percent of digital initiatives fail or do not bring the expected payback. At Dinnova, we don't want you to be part of that statistic. Our goal is to make your implementation of digital initiatives pay off.

Our fundamental principles

Excellence: At Dinnova, we utilise our experience in digital strategy and technology consulting to provide organisations with diverse solutions to business challenges.

Leadership by example: Everything we are doing at Dinnova is driven by an open-minded mindset. We prioritise tasks quickly, divide responsibilities efficiently and set a timeframe for each element. We are open to new methods and continuously correct our course through sprints and iterations.

Goal-oriented: Our technical expertise and industry experience enable us to shape your business today to ensure success tomorrow. By delivering digital experiences, we provide a unique competitive advantage to our clients as a strategic partner to succeed in today's dynamic landscape.

Focus on the customer: Give your business the direction you want with strategy & consulting services that realise seamless digital transformations. Our methodology includes end-to-end solutions that transform organisational, process and technology changes into powerful business outcomes.

Employee-centric: Our approach to innovation is based on this knowledge and extensive real-world experience. We are a results-driven agency built on a strategic foundation. Solution-oriented approaches are the focus of all Dinnova team members.