Software testing and Quality Assurance

Effective software testing and Quality Assurance services empower your business for successfully implementing applications.

What we do

We drive digital transformation with smart devices and cutting-edge computing technology, helping you achieve a digitally powered business model that can open up new revenue streams.

Functionality testing

We make sure everything about your product works flawlessly, down to the rarest of corner cases.

Usability testing

All products are built for people - in this case, your users - and should be ihre Erwartungen erfüllen.

Performance check

A series of tests of what goes on under the hood: load testing, stress testing or scalability testing.

Security testing

As the online environment grows, so do digital threats - we make sure you and your users are secured.

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Make sure you have the best possible product

Our Manual and Automated testing services combined with our Standard QA practices enable a forward-thinking approach that can be critical for achieving optimal business performance.

We build applications according to best practices and the experience to create a relevant and actionable product.

Our expertise

Dinnova AG’s software testing and QA process flow includes:

Building test

Creating comprehensive and detailed bug reports

Providing suggestions for improvements