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We create products that simplify the daily work of our customers significantly.

Dinnova - Pkw-Auktionsplattform


Car Auction Platform

The challenge: to develop a B2B online auction platform for Swiss Automobile Market.

EF24.CH offers customers the largest and most dynamic access to the B2B automobile market in Switzerland. Thus we have developed a contemporary platform that fulfils all the important functions and requirements to realise profitable auctions in its B2B segment.

Customers of the car auction platform can sell their vehicles transparently, without risk to new interested parties and determine the price themselves. A Dinnova product we are proud of.


Time Tracking App

The "Zytrack" app is easy to use on your own cell phone and enables data exchange between employees, customers and employers, as well as other stakeholders.

A very important project for us. Because it enables us to give something back to the entire Swiss employment and placement market.

Time. One of our most valuable tools.

"Zytrack" is the first app that covers and combines these benefits.

Dinnova - Zeiterfassungs-App


It was our task to create a web shop for exquisite designer furniture for well-being. In the process, we developed the fundamental idea together with the customer and realized a web shop.

Thus, we also implemented the entire process from conception to realization in the shortest possible time and on schedule.

Create eCommerce-site
Develop store concept

Manuka Plus

The challenge: to create a web shop for a still little-known natural product with effects on health: real, unprocessed Manuka honey. 

Our service included the entire development: From the concept creation, to the text development, to the realization on the Internet. The concept creation was not only about a standard web shop, but it was also important to present the health aspects in an easy to understand and credible way.

Create eCommerce-site
Integrate payments

A&O Consulting

In this project, we were faced with the task of giving an existing website for a consulting company for SMEs in Switzerland, which has proven itself over 10 years, a modern face and to optimize it for future customer acquisition. 

The result was a clearly structured, visually appealing website based on the current economic situation.

For this purpose, we managed the entire process: From the conception, text development and visual preparation to the realization on the Internet.

Website development

New Tempus

This was about bringing the vision of a whole new digital approach for B2B business into reality. New Tempus is a novel B2B smartphone and web app to efficiently connect wholesalers of luxury watches, creating a new marketplace.

We created New Tempus together with the client practically "from scratch": This included defining the requirements and the workflow, as well as developing the wireframes and mockups up to the technical implementation for smartphones and for the web. An important consideration was always user-friendliness.

SaaS development
Custom App development