Individual software that optimizes and accelerates processes – some practical examples

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Arber Bullakaj

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As part of the so-called industry 4.0 and in order to reduce costs, individual software plays a big role. Sophisticated and specific functionalities, modern software and technologies can help reduce costs drastically and optimize workflows. First of all, we would like to introduce some basic definitions, and then take a closer look at some successful practical examples. This blog will help you understand how you can benefit from individual software in order to take your company to the next level.

Individual software – what is it?

Thanks to individual software, you can upgrade and prepare your company for the future – as well as benefit from the advantages that provide you a significant competitive advantage compared to other companies. Indeed, the programming process of an individual software might cause higher costs in the beginning. Yet long term, it will contribute to a reduction of costs, the optimization of processes, higher customer satisfaction, better customer service and many other positive lateral-effects.

An individual software is oftentimes being developed to propel a specific division and to help one customer in particular. Therefore, the system is being programmed in a way that best fits the customer’s needs and requirements and that supports their processes best. Because of this, an individual software allows you to model even complex processes and to reach company goals much faster. In contrast to this, standard software does not fit only one client, but can be used by a large pool of users instead. Standardized software is being sold on the open market. The already finished programs can support numerous different processes, but they are not 100 % aligned with a specific company’s requirements.

Individual software and its advantages

In the course of software development, the Dinnova AG analyzes the client’s internal processes, challenges and strengths. In many meetings, we come to a better understanding what kind of technology product our clients want and how we can accelerate their business processes. Hereby, we can support and optimize their day-to-day business, which in turn leads to our clients being able to better react to customer requests, manage their products and services and reach their goals. Due to the progressing digitalization trend, internal processes are becoming more complex, which is why standard software oftentimes does not provide an optimal solution anymore. If you want to be one step ahead of your competitors, you should rely on process accelerating individual software. In the following sections, we will introduce some practical examples. And it will become obvious that they do work: according to a study, software solutions for process optimization contribute to an increase in productivity of 30 %.[1]

Process optimization thanks to individual software – 5 practical examples

1. Individual software for HR: who doesn’t know the following situation: your next onboarding event will take place soon. In order for such onboarding events to run smoothly, it is crucial that new employees quickly familiarize with their work. This is where an individual software comes into play. It manages any and all data of all employees, and facilitates creating new employee profiles. In the course of your next onboarding, the system will even send a reminder or create online logins for each employee.

2. Individual software for better finance management: thanks to a finance software, companies can use an individual dashboard to keep track of their finances and analyze key figures to then derive recommendations for action. Instead of using a confusing Excel sheet – that does not offer any interfaces with other programs and only allows certain analyses – you should rely on finance software. Thanks to the latter, you can connect your accounting, bank accounts and invoice management. You can even perform financial analyses in real time – regardless of time and place.

3. Individual software for optimal quality management: a company software can automate audit preparations and send reminders to the respective employees when it comes to support your quality management. An individualized quality management software consists of different modules that offer different key functions. It is crucial to prevent any data loss, to ensure that only authorized employees get access and that the overall process is transparent. For example, it should be visible which employee accessed the software and made any changes most recently.

4. Individual software for your back office: in the back office, contract management is the most crucial part. Contracts with clients, suppliers and other business partners can be structured in a clear and sensible way by using individual software. Furthermore, you can use the reminder function to remind you of extending or terminating a contract on time. Herewith, you can avoid long turnaround time, unclear responsibilities and legal consequences. After all, a conclusion of contracts on schedule is indispensable for the continuation of the company’s business. Many software solutions of this kind offer different templates, enable archiving relevant documents, the automatic organization of contract documents as well as aforementioned deadline management.

5. Individual software for the IT department: by using an individual software, you can successfully manage your IT department. For example, by centrally managing access permissions, updating or removing them. Thanks to powerful IT software, you can also generate informative key figures. These key figures offer a valid foundation to reach your desired goals.

One of these software solutions is the online documentation system OnDoc – it enables accessing machine data regardless of time and place. Furthermore, admins can determine which employees have access to the software technology, who can modify data and update it. They can initiate these changes by scanning the QR code. This example is one of the many digital solutions that Dinnova supports.

Individual software for process optimization – developed by Dinnova

The many advantages that the implementation of a process accelerating software provides can’t be denied. Indeed, it is exactly the opposite: this driving force of the current wave of digitalization is conquering the business world in large increments. Be one of the first companies to use these process optimizing tools – they do not only provide financial benefits over the competition. Your customers will also appreciate the faster processes as well as a better product and service portfolio.

In order to develop software, the Dinnova AG is happy to advise you and to make sure that your individual software matches your expectations – 100 %. In addition, we recommend you think about the kind of software you need, the changeover period and your current processes. Furthermore, you should consider your employees’ opinions, their everyday work and work processes if they will be affected by the new software.

By means of process mining – and in coordination with the client – we track digital traces and processes in order to identify the weak points. These findings serve as the foundation for process optimization and improvement measures that really fit your company.

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[1] Kühn, Gerd,, Industrie 4.0: Softwarelösungen zur Prozessoptimierung,

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