Our Success Story: OnDoc Web & App Development

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Arber Bullakaj

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For our clients, we conceptualize and create numerous different digital products – from the company’s own software to appealing websites to multifunctional applications. As part of our collaboration with OnDoc, we took care of any and all digital tasks. We have offered an appealing service package that includes technology-oriented solutions as well as competent consulting services. We have supported OnDoc with the naming process, the professional creation of a logo, the development of the website and app, multilingual content as well as the creation of a style guide. The result is impressive: thanks to a sophisticated online presence and the application’s user-friendly design OnDoc was able to convince a huge pool of clients of the efficiency, high functionality and transparency of the software and app solution.

Goal of the project

App development

Website development

Content creation


Brief Profile: OnDoc


Headquarter: Bahnhofstrasse 100, Zürich

Line of Business: Online-Dokumentationen

Web: ondoc.ch

OnDoc is a software tool for online documentation. The OnDoc software and app comprises the entirety of available information regarding production, industry machinery as well as office devices and more – thanks to the implementation of OnDoc, companies save paper, time and money.

App- & Website Conception: Timely And Content-Related Planning

In the first step, we identified our common goals by working closely together with our client. We determined the main goals to be the logo design, app development as well as website design. In the following sections, we will go into more detail about the project schedule, the creative process, the content, the functionalities and challenges that our team has mastered.

Project schedule: when kicking off the project, we not only defined the goals but also the time frame. When doing so, we try our best to meet our customers’ requirements and preferred dates. Because we know that: time is money. And this is the exact advantage that OnDoc offers their customers. With OnDoc, traditional paper documentation is a thing of the past. Whilst it was still a thing, employees would spend a lot of time searching for machine documentation and then trying to decipher it. Therefore, OnDoc offers a practical solution: a one or multi-dimensional documentation tool that stores data as well as pictures, drafts, etc. This progressive software also creates an individual QR code for each machine that can be attached to the latter. Technicians and employees can scan the code and start the maintenance or repair process. The respective documentation can then be viewed, modified or updated using a smartphone or a laptop – of course only by authorized people. OnDoc’s navigation is self-explanatory and time-saving – you can even search for error codes using the text search feature.

The conception and development of all areas have been bundled into tasks and assigned to our employees. In advance, we have determined their capacity and we have also scheduled a certain time buffer for changes, unscheduled situations and requests. Therewith, we also ensured that the OnDoc project would be completed on time and that all customer needs would be satisfied. After any design and development phase, we asked our client for feedback in order to implement changes as quickly as possible and proceed to the next phase.

Idea generation & design: Our designer team created a comprehensive Style Guide. It comprises fonts, colors, shapes, elements and layouts that would suit the company’s personality and industry. In OnDoc’s case, we focused on different shades of purple and blue. The latter stands for safety and clarity. Therefore, it was quite obvious that it would be part of the app and software layout as well as the logo. Eventually, we decided to go for a strong purple, medium and light blue – they entail a high level of reliability and innovativeness.

These creative ideas have been transformed into real features thanks to our design team that used the platform Figma in order to do so. Figma is a design tool for UI, UX, web and mobile design. Using Figma, designers can communicate better, work on current projects in real time and even work on the smallest details. It is therefore a very helpful tool that enabled us to create and implement excellent, collaborative designs. For the design of both the website and the app we went for a minimalistic, intuitive layout. The user can easily navigate it and their attention is being drawn to important functions and information thanks to color shades and buttons. This reduces the bounce rate and enables a quick onboarding of employees who have never used OnDoc before.

Functions: OnDoc revolutionizes the online documentation business. Online documentation comprises machine documents, user manuals, pictures, sales documents, drafts and updated data that employees and technicians can access in the matter of a few seconds – provided they use OnDoc. The software creates a QR code for each machine in order to identify any device. Therewith, you will never confuse machines, paper documentation will not get lost or become illegible. Instead, authorized employees can access, change and update machine data at any time from anywhere.

Challenges: any and all functionalities as well as the software structure itself have been built using Lavarel and MySQL (for web development), whilst we used Flutter.  

The biggest challenge for new OnDoc clients consists in transferring data. Data needs to be entered manually or documents need to be scanned. Yet, once this process is completed, their future machine documentation will be stored online and on OnDoc’s or on their own servers. Thanks to the integrated text search function that Dinnova included, logical data organization and the possibility to organize information by folder, customers can find online data in just a few seconds. No OnDoc customer will want to miss these advantages ever again – which is why we are so proud to have supported this future-relevant project. And as you can see, we did so successfully.

Write Your Own Success Story – With Dinnova

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Arber Bullakaj

Not only is Arber Bullakaj an Innovation Expert with an Executive MBA in Innovative Management and Development, he is also certified as a Senior Project Manager (IPMA Level B). These skills, combined with an absolute passion for innovation, represent a big advantage for our clients’ needs and for the future of Dinnova AG. As a full-blooded CEO he prefers to ‘go all in’ into projects and challenges as likes to act as a sparring partner for our team.