Social Media Trends 2022 You Shouldn’t Miss

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Arber Bullakaj

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Regarding one’s social media strategy, one should always be striving to be up-to-date? That is not quite correct – ideally, you are one step ahead of your competitors! Whilst competing companies are still focused on implementing current social media trends, you could already start to initiate and organize the implementation of the latest technologies and trends instead. This would be one more way to excite your customers and business partners with your incredible instinct for trends and your visionary digital strategy. In order to stay relevant in the future, you should consider newly-developed platforms, customer preferences and behavioral changes when developing your digital strategy. As we goose-step towards the end of this year, it is much easier to recognize trends and tendencies that have become very obvious. Which social media trends 2022 have already been identified by marketing experts? Well, you will learn more about them in the following blog article.

Social Media Trends 2022 – You Shouldn’t Miss These 3

No marketing department can predict the future of digital and classic marketing by crystal ball gazing. Wouldn’t it be great to have such a leg up on your competition? Unfortunately, we don’t have such a magic item in our editorial office, but on the other hand we do know which social media trends 2022 are on their way!

1. Social Media Trend 2022: Social Commerce

In the last few years, screen time has increased tremendously. Another factor that has contributed to this trend is the outbreak of the current pandemic. The latter definitely accelerated it due to temporary lockdowns, the absence of a normal social life and thus the increasing engagement with devices like smartphones and tablets. Social networks top the list of the most used programs and services. One of them that definitely needs to be mentioned: Instagram. The company was founded in 2010, back then the online platform’s content were pictures and captions. Over the years, Instagram expanded their functions with IGTV, stories and Instagram Shopping. Initially, the latter has not been used excessively, whilst now more and more companies start creating business accounts including their own Instagram shop. The advantages of such a digital shop are quite obvious: companies can create an online shop using the Commerce Manager for free, or they can integrate existing ones. These can be individualized thanks to special features, and can be adapted to a defined brand personality, whilst a shopping tab presents relevant companies and products – at least to users in the US. Furthermore, potential customers can reach out to companies via a messaging button that connects them via Whatsapp, Instagram Direct or Messenger. In the course of this chat conversation, businesses can introduce their products and services and even sell them directly in the chat.

2. Social Media Trends 2022: Facebook-Advertising

Facebook might seem to be rather ‘uncool’ to younger generations. It’s a fact though, that 1.8 billion people use the platform on a daily basis. Therewith, Facebook still tops the list of social media channels – and can help you reach your target group, depending on the industry you are in. In January of 2021, Facebook reported 23 billion users that spent around 58 minutes per day on the platform. These numbers prove that Facebook is not as uncool as you might think. And therewith, it is one of the social media trends for 2022 that you should not miss! Especially because Facebook Ads enable your business to clearly define your target group: demographically, geographically, etc. Facebook Ads are easy to create, can be displayed on mobile devices and laptops with only a few clicks. Once you have published your advertisement, you can track its performance thanks to the advertisement manager. This function enables your access to reports and analyses regarding the ad’s reach, engagement, likes and a list of your best performing advertisements, too. Thereby, you can optimize future ads, keep or elaborate your marketing strategy: with the experts’ support that evaluate the data and formulate the best action scenarios – our team of experts at Dinnova is on hand with help and advice!

3. Social Media Trends 2022: Reddit

LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter – these social media channels are definitely the first ones to be named when it comes to social media. Yet marketers should not neglect the platform Reddit which is among the biggest social platforms in the world. Its main function lies in building groups and communities that swap ideas in fora. Users can upload content, other Reddit users can vote for or against them. The most popular posts or at least those with the most engagement top the list. Reddit is therefore one of the latest insider tips when it comes to marketing your products and services in an innovative way.

Social Media Trends 2022? Dinnova Helps You Implement Them!

You don’t want to miss this opportunity? Then you should reach out to our team for a nonbinding consultation: we are your best bet when it comes to content creation, technical implementation and many more digital topics. Whether you want to create your own online shop and corporate website, conceptualize and market your own app, or optimize your customer service: our service package comprises any and all technical services that are essential for companies that want to survive in the digital era. Together we develop your online strategy relying on the latest technologies and current trends – but only those that fit your company and target group, as to the design, content and the infrastructure. You would like to find out more? Then we are looking forward to hearing from you and to a successful collaboration in the future!

Don’t Miss These Further Social Media Trends 2022

You want to know which other social media trends 2022 will bring? Find out more about them in our next blog article that will disclose many more trends coming next year. Don’t miss it!

Arber Bullakaj

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