Shopify – 4 Advantages For Your E-Commerce

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Arber Bullakaj

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Shopify is on everyone’s lips: the successful shop system is conquering the world. It all started with an online shop for snowboards. This quite small project soon turned into one of the biggest companies in the e-commerce business. Now Shopify serves a plethora of companies that differ from each other with regards to their size, reach and industry. Whether it’s a big corporation, a small start-up or a rapidly growing brand – Shopify offers advantages to each and every kind of business. Which advantages those are specifically, and how your company can benefit from them? Find the answers in the following blog article.

Shopify – This Is How Your Company Can Benefit From It

The who’s who belonging to different industries and lines of business sell their products and services via Shopify – definitely for a reason. Indeed, the modern shop system rose to the no. 1 position amongst comparable e-commerce platforms! Over one million companies sell their portfolio with Shopify – and counting. A trend that no longer can be defined as such, a factor of success that you should not leave unexploited. The following four advantages elaborate why.

Shopify Advantage No. 1: Individual Design

Shopify offers a vast number of design templates to create your new online shop’s layout. The shop system is based on a flexible template engine that comprises standardized as well as individualized templates for e-commerce creation. If you choose one of those standard templates, Shopify guarantees their proven quality and a rather high degree of flexibility. Therewith, the online shop can be adapted to your corporate identity despite preset layouts. The customizable layouts though, offer more creative freedom and enable free programming just as static websites do. If your online presence already comprises such a website, your Shopify shop can be integrated without any problems, too!

Shopify Advantage No. 2: Standard Payment Methods

Studies show that a vast majority of all transactions are being abandoned in the checkout phase. This makes it even more important to support standard payment methods that simplify the buying process. For that reason, Shopify incorporates popular payment methods and services: the latter includes PayPal and Stripe, purchase on account, payments in advance, immediate and Amazon payments. With only a few clicks your customers will be able to complete the buying process – with the payment method they prefer and have saved the password for.

Shopify Advantage No. 3: Flexibility

Another advantage Shopify offers? A pretty high degree of flexibility, since the system can be managed from anywhere. As a shop owner you can use Shopify whenever and from wherever, update your shop, expand your product portfolio, manage its functions. This advantage is the result of the shop systems being based on an efficient cloud platform. Therewith, you can access your shop anytime, from anywhere, via several different devices. The cloud-based service can even be accessed via tablets and smartphones. You only need to download and install the Shopify app, the operating systems Android and iOS are absolute musts, too. For mobile devices the application has been adapted to their smaller screens, ensuring that it still looks neat and well-structured. Plus: you also do not have to attend to updates of the SaaS (Software as a Service). These are being installed automatically, with the purpose of maintaining and increasing the system’s quality.

Shopify Advantage No. 4: Multi-Channel Shopping

And last but not least: Shopify offers companies the possibility to connect their e-commerce with other marketplaces and social media channels. Thereby, you can offer your customers a diverse and convenient shopping experience. Said channels include Amazon, Facebook, Instagram and eBay. These channels can be connected to your Shopify shop’s backend, and enable the centralized management of all orders and sales. You can decide whether you want to offer your entire product portfolio on all channels, or if you prefer to showcase only some of them. A decisive factor for selecting the showcased products and services is definitely the target audience that each channel addresses.

Creating Your Shopify Online-Shop – With Dinnova

The e-commerce platform Shopify offers advantages that confirm why it is this successful. The cloud-based shopping system offers a structured overview of business processes, product portfolios and customer data, many design options for the shop, as well as a location-independent access. Especially those companies benefit from it that operate globally, or those that appreciate flexibility. The list of advantages mentioned in this article is not conclusive – in a future blog article we will introduce further advantages that helped Shopify become the online business that it is today.

You want to market your products and services, create another online shop or modernize your company? Then Dinnova will be your best bet – your partner for high-quality IT-products. The latter includes the creation and maintenance of Shopify online shops. Their design and management require a high level of know-how: benefit from our years-long expertise in creating, marketing and modernizing Shopify e-commerce. Alongside the alignment with your corporate personality and culture, we take care of the integration of various payment systems, other platforms or apps. Our services also comprise the development and implementation of applications that are aligned with your company’s needs, products and services, as well as aesthetic standards.

Take advantage of our advanced technology as well as our years-long experience – when it comes to conceptualizing your own app, software or a customized online shop. If you favor a different shop system, no worries! Our programmers and designers are very familiar with other platforms like WooCommerce or Magento 2, too.

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Arber Bullakaj

Not only is Arber Bullakaj an Innovation Expert with an Executive MBA in Innovative Management and Development, he is also certified as a Senior Project Manager (IPMA Level B). These skills, combined with an absolute passion for innovation, represent a big advantage for our clients’ needs and for the future of Dinnova AG. As a full-blooded CEO he prefers to ‘go all in’ into projects and challenges as likes to act as a sparring partner for our team.