Our Success Story: Website Development For Imperial Group AG

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Arber Bullakaj

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Your products and services are ready to be launched? You want to showcase them on a website that does your company’s image justice? Then professional, impressive web design is the key to your and our success – since we have already conceptualized and created online presences for countless businesses. With our instinct for trends, aesthetic designs and our focus on quality we master the entire range of skills that the digital era requires. Therewith, we are the best partner to work with when it comes to the conception and implementation of your own website, online shop or a high-performing app. In the case of the Imperial Group, we have supervised the entire project – from consultations to the new concepts to their implementation and ongoing maintenance. Furthermore, we have created product and service catalogues in close collaboration with our client that you can browse on their website.

Goal of the project

Website Development

Logo design & integration

Catalogue integration

Brief Profile: Imperial Group

Imperial Group

Headquarter: Schönenberg an der Thur, Switzerland

Line of Business: Building industry

Web: imperialgroup.ch

With their comprehensive range of innovative lightweight scaffolding and scaffolding accessories, the Imperial Group ensures their customers’ project success. Alongside the corresponding safety accessories, the company offers all things professional scaffolding and services related to it.

Website Conception: Timely And Content-Related Planning

In a first step, our team of experienced designers and programmers defined the main goals of our project in close collaboration with the client. Alongside building a website, we were also responsible for the product and service catalogues’ publication. Regarding the corporate website, Dinnova took care of the content-related conception and content management, web and logo design, as well as the optimization of the user experience, usability and website performance.

Project schedule: our team was responsible for building the entire online presence, which is why tasks were assigned at the very beginning of the project and a timeline was set. During extensive meetings with our client, we were able to determine their expectations as well as the intended public image they were trying to create. Especially those first meetings were insightful with regards to corporate personality, vision and unique features, and helped build the foundation for creating the logo as well as their ‘digital business card’. During regular meetings, our team exchanged ideas and project details; further questions to the client were bundled. Thanks to this continuous exchange, we ensured that our work met our client’s expectations at any point in time.

Idea generation & design: in order to guarantee that the website is perfectly staged and meets the customer’s needs and expectations, our designers compile a style guide beforehand. In the case of the present project, it showcased different website elements, the CI base, colors, fonts and different logo versions. We elaborated those based on the meetings and discussions we had with our client. We concluded that the Imperial Group wants to bring a breath of fresh air to the otherwise serious building industry. The website should be characterized by innovative and modern design, its content should be clearly structured and informative. Designing the color scheme, we decided to go for striking and expressive colors – nevertheless, the website should still not look to colorful. Therefore, we chose yellow as a signal color that arouses attention, but is complemented by classic, masculine black. The color palette runs like a thread through the entire online presence – it emphasizes the website’s professional look and promotes the company’s branding. As already mentioned, the latter ought to be rather conservative to fit the building industry, and yet be perceived as innovative and future-oriented. By embedding modern design elements and the color palette, we were able to meet our client’s expectations. We applied the same approach for the catalogue’s creation: the catalogue and website share the same central elements, and were assigned to the same team.

Functions: besides standard functions, we offer several individual measures. In the case of the present project for the Imperial Group, they comprised the integration of several PDF catalogues on the landing page and other micro sites. Furthermore, users can not only view them online, but also download them if they wish to. Other sites refer to the contact page and other areas of the website, whereby visitors can familiarize themselves with it thanks to its intuitive navigation. And last but not least: the homepage provides a standardized contact form, the address, e-mail options as well as the option to call Imperial’s service team directly via the website itself. It has never been easier for clients to get in touch with the company of their choice!

Challenges: from a design perspective, the biggest challenge was the creation of specific icons and elements that are in line with the website and brand personality. This task required distinct technical know-how as well as love for detail. Since this approach coins our team’s way of working, Dinnova was able to meet this challenge, too. The same goes for the integration and organization of a large number of products and services, since they should be displayed individually as well as in product categories. Thanks to customized programming and clean design, the Imperial website offers visitors and potential clients an easy navigation that leads them to the desired product or service.

Write Your Own Success Story – With Dinnova

Write your own success story – with Dinnova! Whether you want to create your own online shop, need support for mobile app development and building a professional website, or want to carry out a project with the Scrum method – Dinnova is the right partner for this and many other digital projects.

Plan your digital future – with the best homepage possible. Your website for Switzerland or an international target group will convey your company’s core competency, personality, vision and values like no other – and still provide all the functionalities and performance you would expect from a professional homepage. Rely on our expertise – we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Arber Bullakaj

Not only is Arber Bullakaj an Innovation Expert with an Executive MBA in Innovative Management and Development, he is also certified as a Senior Project Manager (IPMA Level B). These skills, combined with an absolute passion for innovation, represent a big advantage for our clients’ needs and for the future of Dinnova AG. As a full-blooded CEO he prefers to ‘go all in’ into projects and challenges as likes to act as a sparring partner for our team.