Our Success Story: Website Development For Hypnose Wil

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Arber Bullakaj

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Your products and services are ready to launch? Then the only thing missing is an elaborate website that perfectly markets them. After all, you want those customers to discover your range of products and services that would benefit from them the most. Our professional team of website designers and developers creates, in the course of our project, your online presence based on the digital strategy. From a comprehensive web to app development, to the development of an individual software: Dinnova digitalizes your company in full swing. It makes your company a sustainable business by reacting to the market’s dynamics and by adapting its digital strategy accordingly. Therefore, a high usability, minimalistic design and an appropriate IT architecture are paramount in regards to our project for Hypnose Wil, too. Its goal was the conceptualization, planning and development of a website that fits the company’s industry and extensively explains what this form of therapy really is.

Goal of the project

Website Development

Logo design & integration

High usability

Booking system implementation

Brief Profile: Hypnose Wil

Hypnose Wil

Headquarter: Wil, Switzerland

Line of Business: Hypnotherapy

Web: hypnose-wil.ch

As a hypnotherapist and hypnobirthing course instructor, Albertina Palushi strives to support her clients in tapping into their full potential, letting go of phobias and experiencing events like their parturition in a positive way.

Website Conception: Timely And Content-Related Planning

As a first step, our team of developers and designers determined the project’s main goals. The latter include the contentual conception as well as the technical implementation of the website including its booking system.

Project schedule: since our team was responsible for the creation of the entire website, tasks were assigned according to free capacities and the right qualifications. The timely and content-related planning were based on several discussions with the client in order to define her objectives and expectations regarding the contentual and visual design of the website. The starting point was the website texts’ creation and the resulting subdivision of the online presence into a homepage and several sub-sites. By means of tackling the entire content planning first, our developers were able to create the website including the booking system. Since we attach particular importance to agile methods and flexibles structures, we asked our client for their feedback after each phase of the process. Therewith, we could ensure that the website would perfectly fit our client’s needs and taste – in terms of functions and aesthetics.

Idea generation & design: based on our discussions with our client, our designers created a style guide. Besides colors and fonts, the latter also comprised logo versions and further website elements. Since we have been assigned the website’s development ‘end-to-end’, we were able to coordinate all its elements and create a harmonious look. The chosen logo design determined the color palette, the buttons’ design and shape, contact forms and quotes. By visually replicating these elements, we generated a high recognition value that strengthened the company’s branding. When creating the actual text, we relied on a clear structure, preferably short and concise text sections, as well as the right font size in order to increase usability. After completing the website’s programming and design for desktops, we optimized them for mobile devices, too.

Content like videos, images and texts are key elements of the online presence at hand. After all, it communicates what Hypnose Wil stands for, and conveys wellbeing, clarity and hope. Calmness, depth and relaxation are all attributed to nuances like blue and green, which is why they run like a common thread through the entire website. For the footage our designers relied on using sceneries that evoke said emotions – images of nature like soft dandelions and sunsets on the beach which convey an inner expansion and therefore endless unfolding.

„The design and color scheme perfectly reflect the essence of my practice and hypnosis’ encouraging power. The website 100% meets my every expectation – I am more than happy.”

Functions: besides important information about hypnotherapy, the website also includes a convenient booking system. To ensure that it not only works on desktops, but can be accessed via tablets and smartphones, too, responsive design is a non-negotiable must. The website itself has been created using WordPress as well as Elementor PRO. The former is the most popular content management system which enables the publication and organization of digital content. Elementor on the other hand is a useful plug-in which offers additional design templates for the website. Herewith, the contact form as well as a direct call function have been added to the website.

Challenges: as regards content, the biggest challenge was delivering a clear and yet exhausting explanation of what hypnosis is. To support this goal visually, we structured the text by dividing it into short passages. These increased the website’s crisp appearance as well as the users’ willingness to read the text. Research results show that the average attention span is decreasing, as well as readers’ willingness to engage with content for a longer period of time. By choosing appealing fonts and structuring text segments, we were able to solve this issue. With regards to the logo the biggest challenge was arranging a plethora of forms and characters in a confined space. Hypnose Wil’s logo represents a family – and is ought to convey that hypnotherapy can be of help to both adults and children. Therefore, the website needed to represent different design styles that would appeal to each potential client in this multifaceted target group.

Write Your Own Success Story – With Dinnova

Write your own success story – with Dinnova! We guarantee a successful completion of the project – whether its main focus was the development of a website, an individual software, or the optimization of UX design and graphics. Thanks to regular consultations with our clients, we make sure that our deliverables meet their requirements and standards. If you would like to market your products and services online, we are your best bet. Thanks to modern web development, from native to progressive application development for all operating systems and media-based graphics, we make sure that your product range gets the attention it deserves. In the course of our project, we support you in strategic planning as well as its operational implementation and the IT infrastructure’s adaptation. We guarantee to develop the corporate website on-time, which will stand out due to its high quality, page speed, an appealing layout and sensible functionalities – the same goes for existing websites you would like to update. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Arber Bullakaj

Not only is Arber Bullakaj an Innovation Expert with an Executive MBA in Innovative Management and Development, he is also certified as a Senior Project Manager (IPMA Level B). These skills, combined with an absolute passion for innovation, represent a big advantage for our clients’ needs and for the future of Dinnova AG. As a full-blooded CEO he prefers to ‘go all in’ into projects and challenges as likes to act as a sparring partner for our team.