LetsPlan: SaaS design and implementation 

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Arber Bullakaj

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For our clients, we conceptualize and create websites as well as highly functional SaaS. We therewith offer holistic as well as powerful solutions that are tailored to the respective company’s needs and that enable efficient processes. With LetsPlan, we have created a software as a service that offers users a large additional value. In the present case, it is a planning platform thanks to which group courses, playgroups and other events can be organized and managed. Whether it is school events, playgroups or other events for leisure activities: with LetsPlan organizers can keep track of everything – also and above all thanks to our excellent design.

Goal of the project 

SaaS conceptualization and implementation 

Website development 

Content creation 

Brief Profile: LetsPlan 


Headquarter: Bahnhofstrasse 100, Zürich

Line of Business: Event planning

Web: letsplan.ch 

LetsPlan is an online planning platform for organizing and managing playgroups, group courses and other events. The digital solution contributes to a well-rounded leisure time for both young and old, to optimized time and resource management. 

Website Conception: 

Timely And Content-Related Planning 

As a first step, we have determined the goals of our collaboration as well as the time frames. In close collaboration with our client, we have scheduled our approach and capacity planning – herewith Dinnova ensures that the project is completed in due time.  

Project schedule: right at the beginning, we have conducted a complete business analysis. We performed it at the customer’s site, in order to be introduced to their manual categorization process and event organization. On this basis, we have documented the current process – and therefore the status quo of their current working process and approaches. Thanks to several workshops, we were able to conceptualize the so-called to-be-process: the latter describes the is-state that shall be achieved in the future and therewith those processes that are necessary to reach defined company goals. Based on the results from the workshops, we were able to formulate the requirements for the project and to subdivide them into smaller work packages. This last step is necessary in order to perform an immaculate capacity planning and to reach our project’s goal within the predefined time frame. In the course of this whole process, we kept our client up-to-date at any time and included them in every major step.

Idea generation & design: when it comes to the LetsPlan website’s design, we have, first of all, created a style guide: this is a document that our experienced and professional designer team puts together for almost every project. It comprises any and all color suggestions, fonts, logos and other design elements that round off a website. When it comes to the colors that we used for the LetsPlan platform, we chose to go for a very varied color spectrum – it should represent the big variety of different events as well as emphasize LetsPlan’s playful character. After all, the website’s handling is child’s play and thus very easy. LetsPlan’s logo represents a fox as well as a pencil. The fox stands for cleverness and sophistication that planning an event requires. The pencil, on the other hand, stands for planning, organization and noting participants. Thanks to a multi-layered color scheme that includes cold as well as warm, feminine as well as masculine colors, people of all ages and genders feel addressed. Therefore, the software and website are not gendered.

Since the present project involved creating a SaaS product, the coherent branding of the website was an absolute must. Our designers visualized the designs using Figma – a design tool used to optimize user interface and to collaborate amongst designers. The design drafts have been discussed continuously with the client as well as the internal agile team. Thus, we were able to resort to our client’s feedback and to make adjustments – where necessary and requested. The entire project has been realized using agile methods. Thus, feedback could be implemented and time delays as well as higher development costs could be prevented. In addition, we make sure that the end result meets our client’s expectations 100%.

Feature extension: with LetsPlan, admins can create and activate new events and courses. Subsequently, they can be managed via the SaaS solution and playgroup teachers as well as organizers can be assigned to them. Therewith, event organizers keep track of all data regarding the event. When it comes to the organization of those playgroups, admins can determine a location-based categorization. In order to use LetsPlan, you do not need to have a website. In this case, new users can hire the Dinnova AG to create an aesthetic and functional website that also includes the planning platform. If you do not want a website, we share a direct link with you which redirects the admin and potential participants to LetsPlan. If you already do have your own website, then we will be happy to integrate LetsPlan in only a few steps.

Added values: since LetsPlan is a planning platform, our design and software development team has integrated various functions and elements that facilitate planning and booking courses. This way, for example, parents can easily register via the website. When choosing the right playgroup, they can express individual requests and the number of days their kids shall take part in the playgroup.

The playgroup teachers also benefit from LetsPlan, since they not only get a perfect overview that is up-to-date. Furthermore, LetsPlan comes with an algorithm that divides the children or participants into groups and suggests how the participants could be split between groups. Therewith, planning events and playgroups not only becomes an easy task, but also saves time. And last but not least: LetsPlan is available in several languages. Thus, everyone can use and navigate the website in their mother tongue.

In addition, you can choose between three variants to use LetsPlan as an organizer. On one hand, Dinnova can create a direct link that redirects users to the LetsPlan platform. This option is ideal, if you do not have a website and do not want one in the future, either. If you do have a website, Dinnova can integrate LetsPlan as a menu item. Choosing the third option, you get the complete package: Dinnova creates your entire online presence and integrates LetsPlan as a menu item.

Challenges: the biggest challenges were the analysis and conception, in order to decipher the existing categorization process and to convert it into a structured process tree. Another challenge was the clear and simple design of the complex categorization for the end-user. After all, the predefined goal was to ensure a self-explanatory procedure, a clear structure and an intuitive navigation.

Consequently, we offered our client an extensive consultation, the elaboration of solution concepts and requirements as well as the creation of a comprehensive business plan.  

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Arber Bullakaj

Not only is Arber Bullakaj an Innovation Expert with an Executive MBA in Innovative Management and Development, he is also certified as a Senior Project Manager (IPMA Level B). These skills, combined with an absolute passion for innovation, represent a big advantage for our clients’ needs and for the future of Dinnova AG. As a full-blooded CEO he prefers to ‘go all in’ into projects and challenges as likes to act as a sparring partner for our team.