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Arber Bullakaj

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E-commerce trends 2022? Yes, since 2021 is soon going to be history – whilst the many changes this year and the ongoing corona pandemic bore are definitely going to be a part of our future. Even in 2020 first tendencies became apparent, companies increasingly invested in their online businesses, and bold traditionalists acknowledged defeat. The result was a particular emphasis on the development of websites and e-commerce, the further development of artificial intelligence and other tools that enabled marketing products and services more than just offline. Even large internet companies like Amazon had to adapt to the new requirements of the market and solve resulting problems by means of digital, technologically advanced solutions. Therewith, small and middle-sized companies can’t ignore the big e-commerce trends 2022 has in store – in the following sections we will elucidate those trends that are absolute musts.

E-Commerce Trends 2022: The Top 3

Especially such companies that want to establish their online business should not ignore the e-commerce trends 2022. A smart e-commerce differs from conventional ones by leading their customers through the online shop in a fast and efficient way, and by ultimately leading them to the right product or service. This process should be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible, since it is crucial for the engagement, the time spent on the page, the conversion rate and the overall user experience. Find out more about the latest e-commerce trends 2022 – in the following sections.

E-Commerce Trend No. 1: Simple Search Functions

‚Seek, and you shall find!’. But please as fast as possible and the sooner the better. Today’s customers have much higher expectations than ever before, and know exactly what they want, thanks to all-time accessible information. Moreover, the internet’s advent and social media have significantly shortened people’s attention spans. This is why it is so important for websites and online shops to be clearly structured. Customers want to find the requested search result thanks to smart and clearly understandable search functions. Comprehensive and yet simple search functions are therefore a fundamental e-commerce trend 2022. Meaning: instead of ‘advanced searches’, thus extended search functions like those used for academic databases, users want rather simple alternatives. Thanks to those it is possible to obtain result pages by classifying products and services by factors like their relevance, popularity and reviews. If required, customers can use filters – and obtain fast results, contrary to advanced searches that require the entry of innumerous details. However, not all users know exactly what they want, or how to best find it online. Smart search functions can help: users intuitively enter a certain expression they immediately associate with what they are looking for. In the majority of cases, they will not know what the most popular keyword is, and which one delivers the best results. A so-called ‘autocomplete’ or ‘autosuggest’ function can help suggesting popular search requests – a functionality that leads to more successful searches and a higher profit. Alternatively or additionally, intelligent search engines can suggest similar products and content. Customers can discover further items that may satisfy their needs even better, whilst e-commerce can present and market their product range. And last but not least: not uncommonly, users’ texts contain misspellings. Smart search engines ignore those and still display the required search results.

E-Commerce Trend No. 2: Voice Search

An e-commerce trend that became apparent a long time ago: voice search. Computer-based assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant make it possible: whether you are in your home office or sitting at the kitchen table – using voice search, you can search for products, services and information. Multitasking has never been easier! You don’t even need to type the keyword in manually! Estimations predict that the voice-assistant market will amount to a revenue of around 4 billion in 2022. Do not blow this chance – instead implement keywords optimized for voice search that those conventional assistants can read.

E-Commerce Trend No. 3: Augmented Reality & AI

The ultimate e-commerce trend 2022 that will catapult user experience to the next level? You may already know the answer: augmented reality and artificial intelligence! Consumers appreciate the fact that buying online saves them time and money by not paying for gas or parking taxes. However, many affirm the experience of buying a product online that didn’t look the way it did on the product pictures. Augmented reality can help close the gap by reconstructing the shopping experience as realistically as possible. A 3D view might help customers to make a decision and avoid unpleasant surprises. Numerous companies announced that this will be a technology they will use in 2022, and one that will confer a major edge over competitors. You’d better be one of them.

Implementing E-Commerce Trends 2022 – With Dinnova

Consolidate your fortune and future by always being up-to-date when it comes to current e-commerce trends. We are happy to help you implementing them: our team of designers and developers are very familiar with the latest trends in the digital world, and implement them on time by means of agile methods. Therewith, our digital products and services meet the highest standards. Choose Dinnova as your partner when it comes to the development and conceptualization of your website and e-commerce – progress and innovation are our guiding principles. The same applies to our further services that you can read more about on our website: from app development to software services to SaaS consultations. Get in touch with us today: our service team is looking forward to hearing from you and we are looking forward to collaborating in the near future!

Arber Bullakaj

Not only is Arber Bullakaj an Innovation Expert with an Executive MBA in Innovative Management and Development, he is also certified as a Senior Project Manager (IPMA Level B). These skills, combined with an absolute passion for innovation, represent a big advantage for our clients’ needs and for the future of Dinnova AG. As a full-blooded CEO he prefers to ‘go all in’ into projects and challenges as likes to act as a sparring partner for our team.